The Ehmosers

The Ehmosers

"A life deeply connected with the region, authentic and respectful of the environment."


What home means to us.
To be deeply connected with the region and always look forward to coming home and the simple pleasure of familiarity and old habits.

Our favourite time of the day.
Josef: The very early morning when the first rays of sunshine smile through the windowpane, the birds begin to chirp, and everything else is still quiet.
Martina: When we sit on the patio after work to relax and as dusk slowly falls, everything becomes quieter.

Our motto.
Accept or change.

What we like most about our work.
The diversity and getting to meet so many interesting people.

The developmental process of our work and our wines.
We gain more experience each year and the depth and individuality of our wines increases. We also see some things with more equanimity.

What we find most interesting about Austrian wine.
That you can find so many unique regional wines in such a small area.

Our favourite wine to relax after a hard day of work.
Josef: German Riesling (or a cold beer)
Martina: a fine-boned, elegant Pinot Noir

Our vacation paradise.

How we like to spend our free time.
City trips and skiing.

What we could never do without.